A blocked drain can be really disruptive. Whether it’s at work or at home, it can disrupt your workflow or completely throw your day’s plans out the window. In addition to this, blocked drains can cause leaks, floods and a build-up of waste water. Some drains can work completely fine, but there are others which might cause you constant issues. So what could be causing your blocked drain, and how can you prevent it?

Reasons for Blocked Drains

There are a variety of reasons that drains become blocked. In the kitchen, this could be due to grease or cooking oils being poured down the drain, sticking to the inside of the pipes and blocking them over time. Coffee grounds can also include blockages.

In the bathroom, flushing down wet wipes and sanitary products can also cause blockages. Other things that can cause blocked drains include paint, solvents and acids.

If it’s an exterior drain, exterior guttering or a pipe that runs outside, then there are a couple of additional issues which could be causing blocked drains; they are roots and a build-up of debris like leaves, mud or stones.

How to Prevent Blocked Drains

One way to prevent blocked drains is to be more selective as to what you put down your drain. If you have a food waste collection, things like food waste and coffee grounds can be placed in there instead of down the plughole.

What you put down your toilet is also important, with only toilet roll being recommended for flushing. Everything else, including wet wipes and sanitary products, should be disposed of instead of flushed.

In a commercial setting, the installation of a grease trap can help prevent drain blockages due to fats and oils, especially for restaurants and other catering businesses.

Another way you can prevent drain blockages is to have a pre-planned maintenance schedule, where problems are identified before they become worse enough to cause a blockage or a leak.

Resolutions for Blocked Drains

Whilst prevention is great for stopping future drainage problems, it doesn’t resolve your drainage issue if it’s currently happening. There are a number of remedies that are commonly suggested, including hot water and a bicarbonate of soda and water solution. Plungers have also been used to unblock drains.

However, these methods don’t always deliver the best results, and can sometimes even damage the pipes themselves. If you’re having constant issues, it probably means there’s a very stubborn blockage or an underlying issue with your drainage that isn’t immediately obvious.

By contacting an experienced drainage company like Total Drainage Services, we can not only resolve your blocked drains, but we’re also able to explore the problem in detail with CCTV drainage cameras, and fix broken pipes with resin lining. We also offer emergency call-outs where we can respond quickly to drainage emergencies outside of usual business hours.