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High-pressure jet washing is one of the most effective ways of cleaning unsightly grime, grease, marks, stains, and waste from walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces. Using top-quality Harben pressure washers that operate at 400 psi, unleashing 8 gallons of high-pressure water every minute, we are able to quickly and easily remove graffiti, drain scale, and chewing gum from any surface. Most applications don’t require chemicals, and if the situation does call for some chemical agent, we only use biodegradable, pH-neutral cleaning products. Hydro jetting is a powerful, versatile method of cleaning almost any surface without harming the material beneath the muck, marks, or paint.

High-Pressure Jet Washing Services in Bristol and the South West

Total Drainage Services’s pressure washing services are perfect for cleaning walkways and walls in shops, high streets, hospitals, schools and many other commercial settings that experience high foot traffic. The pressure washers we use are mounted on the back of trailers, small enough to fit in a single parking space and can be brought to work in confined and remote areas. For larger jobs, we attach them to one of our tankers, allowing complete access and manoeuvrability to any job site. Our washers are quiet enough to allow work to be carried out at night without disturbing you or your neighbours.​


Domestic Jet Washing Bristol


Your driveway, walls, roof and patio can become dirty over time without you even knowing it, and a jet wash can completely transform the way the exterior of your property looks. High-pressure jet washing is fantastic for domestic and commercial properties that naturally have had a build-up of dirt and grime over time. Our powerful jet washers can remove all dirt and grime in moments, leaving practically no trace. If you believe your property requires rejuvenation, or you’ve been a victim of graffiti, get in contact with our expert technicians today. We also offer a range of other services such as resin lining and drain unblocking.

High-Pressure Surface Cleaning in Bristol

Surface cleaning works in almost the same way as street cleaning, except that the type of material determines precisely how the pressure washers are used. Whether you have tile roofs, gutters, metal panels, patios, timber cladding or something else that needs jet washing, we will give it a thorough cleaning with zero damage. Total Drainage Services will remove every inch of dirt and grime from your property, from each paving slab to the last roof tile.

The scale of your domestic or commercial property will never be an issue for our skilled and determined team. Grime and dirt can naturally have an effect on any property and negatively affect its aesthetics. Poor aesthetics can have a significantly negative effect, especially for commercial properties attracting customers or visitors, which is why jet washing should be an integral part of your pre-planned maintenance schedule. If your property is overdue cleaning, call our expert technicians today, who can arrange for your property to be high-pressure jet cleaned once you have provided us with your availability and specifications.

Jet Washing FAQs

What is Jet Washing?

Jet washing, also known as pressure washing or power washing, is a type of cleaning method which uses a high-pressure jet to clean a surface. The water being at a higher pressure means it can clean a surface more effectively than a low-powered hose or brush could manage.

How Does a Jet Wash Work?

A jet wash works by building up the pressure of the water so that it comes out of the nozzle at a higher speed. This high pressure jet speed means it hits a surface with more force than a normal hose, knocking off the dirt when it impacts the surface. And because it’s water, it’s unlikely to damage most surfaces.

How Much Does Jet Washing Cost?

The cost of jet washing entirely depends on the size of the work required, and what surfaces need cleaning. The best way to know how much jet washing will cost is by contacting Total Drainage Services for a quote, no matter whether it’s a commercial jet washing or domestic jet washing job.

When Should I Jet Wash My Patio?

As your patio will get darker and dirtier over time gradually, it can be difficult to tell whether your patio or driveway requires pressure washing to clean it effectively and restore it to a fresher-looking condition. You should look to have your patio or driveway jet washed at least once a year, but you might want to wash them once every six months, or once every three months.

What Surfaces Can Be Cleaned With Jet Washing?

You can clean many surfaces with high-pressure jet washing including decking and patios, driveways and footpaths, roofing and also concrete and brick. When jet-washing different surfaces, the task must be fulfilled correctly. Due to the high pressure of a jet washer, it can cause damage to various surfaces when used incorrectly. We suggest hiring an expert. If you require a Jet washing professional in Bristol, contact us today. 

Can High-Pressure Jet Washing Remove Graffiti?

Sometimes, jet washing alone can remove graffiti especially if it’s fresh, within the past few days. If pressure washing isn’t enough to remove the graffiti then you may need help with some chemicals to loosen the graffiti, allowing you to then pressure wash. When using chemicals on a surface, you must use the correct type otherwise you may damage the surface. 

Should I Jet Wash Myself or Hire a Professional?

Jet washing yourself may be tempting, especially because of how easy it is to acquire a jet washer from your local DIY store. However, when using a pressure washer you must follow the correct techniques and use the right equipment. Failing to do so may result in injury or damaging the surface that you are pressure washing. If you are unsure, hiring a professional may be the ideal solution. We offer high-pressure jet washing across Bristol and the South West, contact us at 0800 015 8899 for further information. 

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