Solutions to Blocked Drains

With years of experience and the best technology, Total Drainage Services are experts in finding solutions to blocked drains in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We have trained specialists on call who are skilled at carrying out excavation repairs to damaged or blocked drains both inside and outside your home or business premises, creating solutions to any drainage issue. We have nationally accredited technicians that are able to operate excavation machines, CCTV drain survey equipment, and other mobile specialist equipment. Our drainage technicians are available to carry out any minor and major repairs and installations, including septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Total Drainage Services are here for you whenever you need us, day or night, so look no further than us when you’re in need of a drainage contractor.

Some drain blockages will require more extensive excavation and repairs because of the uniqueness of modern drainage systems, which are especially common in new builds and newly renovated homes. These drainage services will usually be determined and worked on when necessary, although if you feel like a problem may be arising, we are here to preempt any issues which could lead to blockages and repairs with our drain maintenance service. We also offer a range of specialist services across Bristol, including high access works and jet washing.

From foreign objects that have been dropped down the drain by accident to heavy build-up of hair and grease, there are many reasons why your household can be experiencing blocked drains and many solutions to resolving these issues.

Understanding exactly how each issue is caused and what can resolve the issue can be an opportunity to be better at stopping it in the future and resolving at a lower cost.

What Can Be Put Down Your Drain To Help With The Issue?

  • Boiling Water – Pour as much as possible to dissolve obstructions before calling a professional.
  • Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda – Pour around 1/3 of a cup of each into the drain for an hour, before hot water to clean and dissolve the drain.
  • Use a Plunger – An old school method that may do the trick before the arrival of a drainage contractor. 
  • Chemical Cleaners – Supermarket chemical cleaners may unblock minor drainage blockages without the need for a drainage contractor.
  • Biological Cleaners – These are similar to chemical cleaners, but far more environmentally friendly, and may unblock minor drainage blockages without the need for a drainage contractor.

Preventing Grease Build Up In Your Drains

While the use of some fats, oils and grease is vital for cooking, they are not good at all for the drains and pipes in your plumbing systems, so here are some of the best solutions to avoiding grease build-ups.

Here at Total Drainage Services, our drainage experts will help you to avoid these costly repairs by letting you know some solutions to avoid greasy drains: 


  • Avoid putting grease down your drains 
  • Invest in grease traps 
  • Recycle your cooking oils and grease 
  • Use disposable absorption materials 
  • Get your drains cleaned

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