With years of experience and the best technology, Total Drainage Services are experts in finding solutions to blocked drains in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We have trained specialists on call who are skilled at carrying out excavation repairs to damaged or blocked drains both inside and outside your home or business premises, creating solutions to any drainage issue. We have nationally accredited technicians that are able to operate excavation machines, CCTV drain survey equipment, and other mobile specialist equipment. Our drainage technicians are available to carry out any minor and major repairs and installations, including septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Total Drainage Services are here for you whenever you need us, day or night, so look no further than us when you’re in need of a drainage contractor.

Some drain blockages will require more extensive excavation and repairs because of the uniqueness of modern drainage systems, which are especially common in new builds and newly renovated homes. These drainage services will usually be determined and worked on when necessary, although if you feel like a problem may be arising, we are here to preempt any issues which could lead to blockages and repairs with our drain maintenance service. We also offer a range of specialist services across Bristol, including graffiti removal, high access works and jet washing.

One of the biggest challenges when properly diagnosing the source of a blocked drain or pipe is accessing the pipe, which is usually buried under your garden landscape or concrete. With our CCTV drain surveys, that problem is completely eliminated. The team here at Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd will create a full report of what we find in our surveys, ensuring that your property meets all required regulations and laws. We ensure that our reports are extremely detailed, making it a lot easier to create a pre-planned maintenance scheme that prevents the damage that will eventually cause a drainage emergency

The process explained

The very first step in the process is making sure that the initial external investigation of your drainage system to determine if a CCTV survey is needed. If it is needed we will compile video evidence as well as a full report of our findings, along with a quote we believe is fair. Our quotes are perfect for developers and surveyors because they are produced in a Wincam format that includes a written report, a DVD, photographs, quotations, and a scale drawing of the drainage network and any problem areas we discover. 

CCTV Surveys Bristol

  • Crawler: a small camera mounted on a motorised base that allows it to crawl through the drains and relay video information

  • Push rods: similar to an endoscope, these allow for surveillance of tighter and narrower spaces

  • Dye testing: a dye is injected into the drainpipe and monitored for leaks and blockages, helping us pinpoint the location of a collapse
  • Cat: this piece of equipment allows us to locate electrical cables that may pose a safety hazard when digging
  • Jenny: this is a specialised tool that causes a low voltage to pass through metal pipes, allowing surveillance equipment to travel much further distances

Our CCTV Survey services in Bristol are the most accurate way to detect a blocked drain. We have innovative technology which can detect exactly what is causing the blockage and will allow us to clear the drain with accuracy and efficiency. Different obstructions require different methods of removal which is why it is always best to call in professionals. 

Total Drainage Services can successfully get to the bottom of what exactly is causing the blockage of the drain, which also significantly reduces the risk of anything going wrong. For a more accurate diagnosis of what is causing your property’s drain to be blocked, get in contact with Total Drainage Services today. 

Our expert team will listen to the specifications of your domestic or commercial property, then take into account the problems that your blockage is causing. For more information regarding our expert, CCTV surveys service, or other services such as resin lining and drain unblocking, get in touch today!

CCTV Drain Surveying Services Bristol

We use a three-tiered, colour-coded system in assessing the health of your drainage system. Code red indicates a seriously compromised pipeline that requires immediate emergency work. Amber indicates that your drains have ongoing issues that can be resolved with pre-planned maintenance to prevent a total catastrophe. Finally, green indicates a perfectly maintained drainage system that requires no further work.

Drain surveys are perhaps the most accurate way of detecting a major blockage, be it for domestic or commercial properties. Specialist CCTV technology can detect the exact cause of your blocked drain so that we can get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible. Call our expert team today for more information or to request a CCTV drain survey service for your property. 



Everything you need to know about drain repairs. For CCTV Drain Surveying Services, call Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd.

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?
A CCTV drain survey allows our professionals to take a detailed look at your drainage system, using our specialist equipment and innovative methods. The drain camera will be fed into your drainage system and will feedback CCTV footage to our monitors on the surface. Once we monitor the footage we will then be able to fully assess your drains and the steps needed to move forward. The footage is documented and saved for future records too.

Why is a CCTV Drain Survey Important?
Problems with your drainage can be diagnosed early using CCTV surveying. These problems range from blockages, leaks and bursts in your pipes. Our team carries out CCTV surveys on all types of buildings such as commercial or residential.

Would a CCTV Drain Survey Be Needed If I Have Bought A New Property?
Yes, a CCTV drain survey would be extremely useful when purchasing a new property as there could already be damage there causing you issues as you move in. A CCTV survey will give you peace of mind that your drains are in good condition before you enjoy your new property, whether it be commercial or residential.


Keep your property up to code

We can accurately diagnose any problems in your drainage system with our state-of-the-art CCTV surveys.


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