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Replacing damaged sections of pipeline has historically been an expensive, labour-intensive, and invasive process. However, thanks to our modern patch lining techniques, Total Drainage Services are able to repair pipes of any size or shape using resin, without harming your landscaping. If you have a damaged or leaking underground pipe, look no further than Total Drainage for your resin lining in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Combined with our CCTV surveys, damage can be identified and repaired quickly with minimal disruption to your business or family life.

What is Resin Lining?

Resin lining, also known as patch lining, as it is also known, is an innovative method of repairing a pipeline that essentially creates a new pipe within the damaged drainage system. The lining itself is a felt sleeve that has been imbibed with a polyester resin and a hardening catalyst. Using a specialised air compressor, the lining is fed through the inside of the damaged pipe and expanded to adhere to the contours of its inner wall. The resin then dries with the sleeve in place, essentially creating a brand-new, perfectly-shaped pipe that is more durable than the one it replaced.

Resin Lining BEFORE

Resin Lining AFTER repair

Patch Lining Specialists in Bristol and the South West

At Total Drainage Services, we believe that our patch lining services bring tremendous value to our customers because when using our patch lining techniques, pipelines generally no longer need to be excavated to be inspected and repaired, cutting down on labour requirements while preserving your prized garden and the concrete foundations of your property. Resin lining is truly a modern solution, taking a fraction of the time needed to install brand new pipes whilst keeping the costs down.

Resin lining can be combined with CCTV surveys to identify drainage issues and problem areas, with patch lining offering an efficient fix. Contact Total Drainage Services today for resin lining in Bristol and the South West.

Resin Lining FAQs

How much does resin lining cost?

The cost of a resin lining repair can depend on a number of factors, including the size of the repair required and the number of fixes required at the property. To get an accurate quote for your resin lining in Bristol or the South West, you can get in contact with TDS directly.

Should I use resin lining or replace my pipe?

If you have a ruptured or damaged pipe underground, it might make sense to completely replace that section of piping and have new drainage installed. However, depending on how easy the pipe is to access, the quicker and easier solution would be to fix the pipe with resin lining instead. The patch lining process effectively creates a new pipe inside of the existing one, strengthening it and making it watertight.

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We understand that drain blockages and leaks may impact the productivity of your business, or ruin the joy of your family gathering. That’s why we offer round-the-clock drainage solutions and emergency blockage callouts so the issue can be resolved, as quickly and conveniently as possible.

We pride ourselves on the ability to resolve any issue, accurately and efficiently, using a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution. We guarantee transparent customer service, fair prices, and long-lasting results.

Replacing damaged areas of a pipeline in a domestic or commercial property is typically an expensive and time-consuming process. Resin and patch lining is an alternate method that can cover any damage that is preventing pipes from transporting wastewater and sewage effectively. No matter the intensity of the load or what is being transported in the pipes, resin and patch lining will have the strength and efficiency to transport what it needs to.

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