When you suffer a drainage emergency outside of normal working hours, it can be a problem enough to resolve your drainage issue. And at Christmas, you really don’t want a drainage problem to occur to spoil your festive activities. However, due to a combination of factors, a drainage issue could be more likely to appear at Christmas, when fewer drainage specialists are available to call. So what should you be looking out for to keep your drains free from issues this Christmas, and who can you call in case things do go wrong?

Sink Blockages

With the amount of food being prepared, cooked and eaten over Christmas, it ensures that there’s a lot of food waste as well as quantities of cookware, dishware and glassware that requires washing up. Adding all this up means that the sink will be more in use than ever during Christmas, increasing the risk of it being blocked.

A blocked sink at Christmas can render it useless, making washing up and draining more difficult at the most hectic time of the year for your kitchen. To stop blocked sinks happening in the first place, you can take preventative steps such as not pouring grease and greasy food residues down the sink, as well as any food waste that can clog the pipes.

And if your sink does become blocked, or an emergency drainage problem occurs such as a burst pipe or an overflowing basin, then you should contact a drainage emergency specialist as soon as possible to have the problem resolved and to prevent any further damage.

Toilet Blockages

If you’re having friends or family staying over for Christmas, then it’s likely that your toilets will be used more often, increasing the risk of blockages. As with the sink blockages, the first step you should take is prevention, which includes a number of things you can do. The first is to make sure only flushable items are going down the toilet, and that things like wet wipes aren’t being flushed which can clog pipes. The next is to ensure that toilets in your home are being used evenly if you have multiple in your home; this prevents any toilets being overused.

However, if your preventative measure still can’t prevent a toilet blockage, then you’ll want to have it unblocked as soon as possible, especially if it’s overflowing. In that scenario, it’s advised to call emergency drain specialists like Total Drainage Services, who can come over to resolve your issue promptly and efficiently.

Exterior Drain Issues

With the cold brings an increased risk of older pipes not being able to handle wastewater as effectively. Pipes could rupture and even burst, which could be down to the weather or even the amount it’s being used during Christmas. Burst pipes can lead to flooding as well as sanitation issues, which is why it’s recommended that drainage experts are called out to fix these issues to resolve them and prevent damage.

Other exterior drain issues can also occur over Christmas such as blocked guttering. This is caused by the gutter becoming blocked with leaves and other debris, and it can cause issues with the building’s structure such as flooding and damp issues. In some cases, such as flooding, an emergency drain expert should be called out to resolve the issue from height, but in most cases this is an issue that can wait until after Christmas to resolve.

Contact Total Drainage Services For Christmas Drainage Emergencies

If you’re having a Christmas drainage emergency in Bristol, Bath or in any other places across the South West, Total Drainage Services are on hand to assist. We specialise in emergency drainage solutions, and always have a drainage expert on hand ready to send to you for your drainage emergency. So if you suffer a burst pipe, a blocked drain or flooding from drain damage this late December, don’t hesitate to give Total Drainage Services a call.