If you’ve just moved into a new house, or you need to learn more about your commercial premises, then you may require a drainage survey. There are also other reasons why you may require a survey, such as to identify areas of blocked or broken drains. But whatever your reason, if you’ve been tasked with having a drainage survey carried out, your best bet is to find an experienced and reliable drainage company, who can carry out all aspects for you.

What Is A Drainage Survey?

A drainage survey, also commonly known as a CCTV drain survey, is a type of inspection that focuses on a drainage system of a building or group of buildings. The main purpose of a drainage survey is to identify the scope and the layout of a drainage system, as well as its condition.

In order to establish this, CCTV cameras are used so that drainage experts are able to map the system, know the size of the pipework and assess the condition of the pipes too. There are two main cameras used for CCTV drain surveys, the first being the crawler camera, which is remote controlled and offers 360° worth of vision. For smaller pipes, a push rod with a camera is used, which also offers a detailed CCTV look into your drainage system.

Drain Surveys For Homes and Businesses

Total Drainage Services have years of experience in providing comprehensive and detailed CCTV drain surveys to homes and businesses around Bristol and the whole of the South West. If you’re a new homeowner or you need a drain survey carried out on the latest addition to your residential portfolio, then we can provide a detailed breakdown of your drainage system, highlight any pinch points, as well as areas that are showing signs of deterioration. Having a drain survey is also important if you’re having want to discover

CCTV drainage surveys are also useful for commercial purposes, whether it’s for commercial premises or residential properties being worked on. No matter whether you’re a developer, surveyor or a business owner; a drainage survey will help you to understand what you’re working with and where everything is located, which is especially important if you’re excavating ground.

Drainage Surveys with Total Drainage Services

At Total Drainage Services, we’ve been providing CCTV drain surveys to domestic and commercial clients up and down the South West; including Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Weston-super-Mare and Taunton. Each drainage survey we conduct will come with a written report, a DVD with the recorded footage, photographs and a scale drawing of the drainage network. We will also highlight any problem areas we discover, and also include quotations.

In addition to conducting the drain survey, we will also offer our recommendations for work that’s required on your drainage system, either to fix it or to keep it in good working condition. For more major problems, you may require drain unblocking, or even emergency drain unblocking to resolve immediate and urgent issues.

For any broken or fractured pipes, then patch lining will usually be the recommended solution. If we feel that your drainage system is in good working order, no immediate work may be required, but we’ll probably recommend pre-planned maintenance in order to keep your pipes clear and well-maintained. By using preventative measures, you can alleviate disruption from future drain problems.