Always looking for new opportunities to improve our client services, TDS have recently invested in the latest Sky Vac Gutter Cleaning System.

Not all blockages are in underground pipework. Some problems happen at high level, like guttering, and can be very difficult to get to. Our new system offers a speedy, money-saving solution:

  • We can clear high-level blockages easily and quickly
  • Independent, cleaner and more reliable power source
  • No mess left behind
  • Camera shows work being done and can prove compliance

The vacuum is operated from the ground, with extendable, lightweight carbon fibre poles, giving us a reach of forty feet.

And the full colour HD camera fitment means you can see that the job has been done and, if required, we can download the recording to be used as part of any compliance report or documentation.

Additionally, the 3600W Hybrid Generator gives enhanced performance, with a long run time, Quiet Technology to reduce noise, and cleaner emissions.

Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Spaces

TDS Director, Gary Martin, said “guttering and high-level cleaning can often be a difficult job for clients and can end up getting quite expensive to sort.”

“This Sky Vac system gives us everything we need to quickly and safely clean hard-to-reach spaces for our customers. With no need for scaffolding or platforms, the time saved by being able to work from the ground will also save our clients money.”

So, when you have that awkward space that is too high to clean easily and safely, the new Gutter Cleaning Service from TDS is the perfect solution.

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