In life, there are so many things that we need to remember. It is no surprise that we forget a thing or two, it’s understandable, however, forgetting to get your drains cleaned can cause bigger problems down the road. You have probably not even thought about all of the things that go into your drains; grease, hair, shampoo, conditioner, food particles, all of these things can clump together, build up and ultimately block your drains which can lead to more serious plumbing problems. Today Total Drainage wants to help you prevent these serious problems by talking you through how often your drains should be cleaned. 


How Often Should I Clean My Drains?

Personally, we believe that your drains should be cleaned monthly to prevent build-up. We think monthly is best as it is the easiest way to fit it around your schedule and make it a routine. Less frequent cleans mean more time for gunk to build up, causing plumbing issues, which could end up costing you a lot of money. 

You may be thinking, “I can clean my drains myself” and yes there are a lot of at-home ways to clean drains, however, these usually will cause more damage, add to the gunk that is already there, and as a result damage the pipe. It is essential to always hire a professional for jobs like these as you can be assured that everything will be back up and running in no time, with no risks. 


Why Should I Clean my Drains?

When blockages are left in drains, pressure can build up which if left can cause leaks, cracks, or a burst pipe. Having your drains regularly checked and cleaned will help keep your drains in working order. Cleaning your drains regularly will also help minimise bad smells, you may think that the smell will just go away on its own, but unfortunately, it will only get worse. 

Cleaning your drains should be a priority as blocked drains can cause sewage water to potentially leak in your home, which will cause a huge risk to you and your family’s health. Regular cleaning will help to reduce this risk, keeping everyone in your home safe. 

You probably didn’t realise this but a cracked drain or leakage can also threaten the overall structural security of your home and one of the main causes of structural issues in the United Kingdom is leaking drains. When drains leak, the water makes the soil underneath your home more volatile, causing structural issues to your home. Regular cleaning of your drains will ensure that your drains are empty properly minimising property damage. If you are worried about your drains, you could even get a CCTV drainage survey just to make sure everything is okay going forward with peace of mind. 


The Benefits of Cleaning My Drains

The first benefit you will notice straight away will be how quickly your drains drain, water will not stand in the sink and gurgle it’s way down. A clean drain will be a lot less likely to overflow, cause leaks and cause damage. Cleaning your drains will also improve the overall life expectancy of your drains so you will not have to go to the expense of replacing your drain pipes anytime in the near future. 

Cleaning your drains as mentioned above will also keep your drains from smelling bad. A buildup of gunk and stagnant water can cause a bad smell throughout your home which can also have an impact on your family’s health. A clean drain will prevent this from happening, keeping your home smelling as fresh as can be. 


Help From A Professional 

Even if you want to give clearing your drains a go yourself it is more than likely that you will need to hire a professional to fix the problem for good. Whether you want clean bathroom drains or clean kitchen drains, Total Drainage will be able to provide you with a fast, reliable, and professional service that can return your drains back to working order. 

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The team here at Total Drainage understands that sometimes emergencies can occur and are unavoidable, which is why we offer an emergency drainage service to get your pipes and drains back in working order in no time at all.