Mobile tankers to remove  waste build-up 
in bristol, wales & the west midlands 

Malfunctioning septic tanks and damaged sewer lines can cause waste to build up surprisingly quickly. In order to provide reliable round-the-clock service to the whole of South West England and Wales, Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd employs a fleet of tankers to break up blockages and transport excess liquid away. Whatever the size of the project, we have vacuum and combination tankers with a capacity to match.

Versatile combination tankers

Our combination tankers have the unique ability to provide both high-pressure jetting to break up blockages and large-capacity liquid suction to transport waste away. This versatile platform gives us the mobility to deliver top-notch drainage and waste removal service when and wherever you need it. These tankers come in 2000 and 4000 gallon capacities.

High-capacity vacuum tankers

When you need large volumes of liquid transported from one site to another, or sewage waste removed from septic tanks, culverts, digesters, and soakaways, our high-capacity vacuum tankers are perfect for the job. With capacities of 2000, 4000, and 6000 gallons, Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd is equipped to handle jobs both large and small.
We operate across the West Midlands, South East, Wales and the South West.
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Our versatile and mobile tankers deliver fast results no matter where you live. Schedule a callouttoday by calling01179 636 700

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