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Replacing damaged sections of pipeline has historically been an expensive, labour-intensive, and invasive process. Thanks to our modern resin lining techniques, Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd is able to repair pipes of any size or shape without harming your landscaping or your wallet. Combined with our CCTV surveys, damage can be identified and repaired quickly with minimal disruption to your family or business.

The process is simple

Resin lining is an innovative method of repairing pipeline that essentially creates a new pipe inside of an old, broken one. The lining itself is a felt sleeve that has been impregnated with a polyester resin and a hardening catalyst. Using a specialised air compressor, the lining is fed through the inside of the damaged pipe and expanded to adhere to the contours of its inner wall. The resin then dries with the sleeve in place, essentially creating a brand-new, perfectly-shaped pipe that is more durable than the one it replaced.

Non-invasive, cost-efficient pipe repair

At Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd, we believe that our resin lining services bring tremendous value to our customers. Pipelines generally no longer need to be excavated to be inspected and repaired, cutting down on labour requirements while preserving your prized garden and the concrete foundations of your property. Resin lining is truly a modern solution, taking a fraction of the time needed to install brand new pipes and costing far less to boot.
We operate across the West Midlands, South East, Wales and the South West.
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Our sophisticated yet simple resin lining service keeps your drainage system in top condition. Schedule your free consultation today, and call 01179 636 700!

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