Is COVID-19 Transmitted Through Drains?

Can COVID-19 Be Spread Through Drainage?

As all or the majority of us are aware, the world we live in is currently significantly different to how it usually is. This is due to a newly discovered disease called COVID-19, which has spread across the globe and caused a pandemic. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, countries all across the globe have had to place their entire nation or specific regions on a lockdown in the best interests of the health of their citizens. This includes the United Kingdom, who has declared a national state of emergency due to the pandemic. Various other nations who have placed their entire country on lockdown or specific regions include the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, China, Germany, France, and more.

In summary of the disease and how it affects the body, it is a strain of a group of viruses called coronaviruses. The COVID-19 strain of coronavirus is a pneumonia-like disease that attacks the lungs and can potentially be fatal. COVID-19 is far more deadly for those who have underlying health issues or those who are more vulnerable, such as the elderly. The main symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, shortness of breath, a dry continuous cough, and a loss of taste and smell. Other symptoms such as delirium have also been reported by sufferers of COVID-19.

If you experience any of the main symptoms of COVID-19, then it is of paramount importance that you remain indoors for seven days if you live alone, or fourteen days if you live with others. Past these periods, if the symptoms persist, then you must remain at home until all of the symptoms stop completely. These restrictions also apply to everyone that you live at home with, and vice-versa, if somebody in your home experiences the same symptoms, then you must self-isolate for as long as they do. The self-isolating restrictions have been put in place by the UK government to prevent the disease from spreading further, to save the lives of many, and to prevent the National Health Service by being overwhelmed by the number of patients.

We completely understand that this may worry you, and you may be worried for yourself, your friends, and loved ones, however, we must all stay rest assured that the United Kingdom’s NHS is consistently giving their all to ensure that the people of the country are healthy, and by abiding to all government advice and restrictions, we will get through this worldwide health crisis much faster and come out stronger. 

How Is Coronavirus Spread?

To this day, researchers are looking in to the possibilities of how COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person. As time has moved on since the discovery of the virus, experts have discovered different possibilities of how the virus has spread so fast and how people are contracting the virus. From what experts know so far, date from published epidemiology studies provide solid evidence that the COVID-19 strain of coronaviruses is primarily transmitted from symptomatic people to others in close contact through respiratory droplets, through direct contact with infected with people who are infected, or by contact with any contaminated objects and surfaces.

Due to this, restrictions such as social distancing have been put in place to prevent this disease from spreading further. Social distancing is a practice of staying a minimum of  2 metres apart from a person who doesn’t live in the same household as you. Apart from remaining indoors, this is the most effective way of keeping yourself from getting infected from the virus. There are also many myths about how COVID-19 is spread and what has caused the virus. It is of high importance that the only guidelines that are followed are the ones that have been set out by the government and no others.

Is COVID-19 Spread Through Drainage?

On February the 18th 2020, Chinese respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan warned the public that is vital that people keep their waste pipes unobstructed as COVID-19 could potentially spread through drainage systems.

In a press conference in Guangzhou, the respiratory specialist said “If a waste pipe is blocked, the contaminated air, or the aerosol carrying the novel coronavirus, may cause infection”. Zhong Nanshan is the head of a national team of experts set up for the control and prevention of COVID-19 and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. 

Zhong also said a similar case happened in 2003, when over 300 people were infected with SARS in a residential district in Hong Kong due to the defective design of its sewage system which caused the virus to spread. In February, dozens of households in a residential property in Hong Kong’s Tsing Yi area were evacuated after two COVID-19 cases were found on different floors in the same building. It is not yet confirmed, but experts are suggesting that a modified drainage pipe may have caused the infections. 

Blocked drains can cause major disruption in households, so if a drain has blocked, you’re going to need to have the drain unblocked as soon as possible. It is highly unlikely that an infection will arise in your household due to a blocked drain as you will likely have it unblocked. If your main concern of having a blocked drain is the risk of induction, then it is important that you get in touch with drain unblocking experts, Total Drainage Services. We will arrange to get to your property as soon as possible to resolve the issue. 

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