High-pressure jet washing for drains, buildings & streets

High-pressure jet washing is one of the most effective ways of cleaning unsightly grime, grease and waste off of walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces. Using top-quality Harben pressure washers that operate at 400psi at 8 gallons per minute, we are able to blast drain scale, gum, and graffiti away easily and quickly. Most applications don’t require chemicals, and the ones that do only use biodegradable, pH-neutral cleaning agents. Hydro jetting is a powerful, versatile method of cleaning almost any surface without harming the material underneath the filth.

Street cleaning for high-traffic areas

Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd’s hydro jetting services are perfect for cleaning walkways and walls in shops, high streets, hospitals, schools and many other places with high foot traffic. The pressure washers we use are mounted on the back of trailers small enough to fit in a single parking space and can be brought to work in confined and remote areas. For larger jobs, we attach them onto one of our tankers. Our washers are quiet enough to allow work to be carried out at night without disturbing you or your neighbours.

Surface cleaning for every type of material

Surface cleaning works nearly the same way as street cleaning, except that the type of material determines precisely how the pressure washers are used. Whether you have tile roofs, gutters, metal panels, patios, timber cladding or something else that needs cleaning, we will give it a thorough cleaning with zero damage. Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd will remove every inch of dirt and grime from your property, from the first door step to the last roof tile.
We operate across the West Midlands, South East, Wales and the South West.
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Professional high pressure jetting is perfect for cleaning every surface of your property. Set up yourfree consultationtoday by calling 01179 636 700

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