Whether through vandalism or simply the carelessness of the public, your property can easily become covered in chewing gum and graffiti. These unsightly blemishes can quickly and easily be removed with our high-pressure jet washing service if brought to our attention early enough. Indeed, graffiti removed within 24 hours has only a 10% chance of reappearing, and walls and pavements sprayed twice chance are almost guaranteed to stay clean. Whilst general commercial and domestic maintenance is easy to undertake, graffiti and spray paint removal can often be overlooked, and as such we recommend that you include this service in your pre-planned maintenance schedule to keep your home or business looking its best.

Graffiti vandalism can affect anybody and can cause your business to lose valuable customers as it makes the outside face of your property loom uncared for, unkempt, and in some cases, dangerous and unappealing. Without the help of trained professionals with the most up to date tools, it can be extremely difficult to remove graffiti so that it stays removed, and doesn’t leak back through the porous brickwork or concrete.

If you’re building has fallen victim to graffiti vandalism of any scale, our expert technicians at Total Drainage Services can efficiently and effectively remove any graffiti and spray paint that has been painted on your property and restore it back to its perfect, original condition. 

By giving our team information such as the scale of the graffiti and where it’s been marked, we can arrange for the graffiti removal to happen as soon as possible with our advanced graffiti removal equipment. At Total Drainage Services, the scale of vandalism is never an obstruction and we will work to restore your property to its best condition, no matter how badly it has been vandalised.

Graffiti Removal Bristol

Graffiti isn’t just the only type of vandalism that we deal with at Total Drainage Service. Throwing chewing gum elsewhere besides in a bin is technically a form of vandalism and everyone knows the annoyance of stepping or sitting in someone’s horrible spat out chewing  gum, ruining clothes and moods alike. In fact, old chewing gum stuck to buildings and pavements is an ever-present problem in public spaces. This is why it is incredibly important that all chewing gum is removed from public spaces as soon as possible, not only to maintain personal safety but also a chewing gum free area is one that will attract more people than a place dotted around with globules of someone else’s saliva and gum. 

Not only does chewing gum sticking to clothes cause annoyance and disgust, but it also costs people money to remove the clothes and is highly unhygienic. Spots of chewing gum are also extremely unattractive and can ruin the aesthetics of a property, which can make a negative first impression on visitors of the property. This problem is even worse for businesses with visiting clients and customers.

Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd is proud to do our part in keeping our community beautiful by offering fast, effective hydro jetting services that remove gum stuck stubbornly to benches, pavements, walls, windows, wood, and concrete, brick, metal or plastic surfaces of all types. Like with graffiti and spray paint, anybody can fall a victim to chewing gum vandalism. It’s so much easier and more innocent for somebody with chewing gum to spit out chewing gum on the floor instead of correctly placing it in a bin.. If your property has fallen victim to chewing gum vandalism, call our expert team today for our chewing gum removal services or other services such as drain unblocking, resin lining and CCTV surveys.

Non-toxic graffiti removal

While some graffiti can be considered art and even fetch high prices when sold off (hopefully for charity), the vast majority degenerate public and private spaces, detracting from the overall beauty of a community whilst discouraging tourism and harming property values. Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd combines the use of biodegradable, pH-neutral cleaning chemicals with high-pressure jet washing for highly effective and eco-friendly graffiti removal solutions. All our technicians are trained and qualified to operate in high-access and confined spaces while keeping in mind all the best practices for working safely in public.

Keep your property looking beautiful 

Graffiti removed within 24 hours has only a 10% chance of reappearing. 


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