The Most Common Drainage Issues

When you think of issues with your drainage, the first thing to come to your mind will likely be that your drain has blocked, which is the most common issue. Drainage issues can be extremely hard to identify and are usually misconception to be drain blockages. This can lead to people in the properties of where the drainage issue has occurred to attempt to unblock the drain even if a blockage hasn’t occurred or isn’t causing a severe issue. By doing this, the issue could potentially be made much worse than it originally and lead to extensive, costly repairs to be completed.

Drainage problems can be extremely problematic and can potentially lead to a loss of water in your home, or other problems such as water leaking into places it shouldn’t be, which could even damage property in your home. This is why it is important that it is left to professionals to identify the source of the problem, as problems do not always tend to be a blockage. In this blog, we have listed the most common drainage issues known to cause problematic issues in your property, or potentially spread to other properties. This blog will help to educate you on the potential issues you may be experiencing. 

Drain Blockages

Although this isn’t always the reasons for a problem with your drainage system, this is likely to be the most common cause of a drainage issue. When owning a property of any type or scale, it is likely that at some point you will encounter a blocked drain. With blocked drains, they usually come on slowly and can even take years to become properly. This is why when there are drainage problems, it may not always be a blockage. The most common causes of blocked drains in your home are usually fat, hair, or coffee grinds that have fallen down the drains with flowing water.

When drainage problems occur, they can be highly disruptive, which can cause people to try and resolve the issue themselves. Depending on the scale of the blockage, this can prove to either be challenging to resolve or a quick fix, however, there is always the possibility that the problem could have been made worse than what it was. This is why it is always best practice to get in touch with a reliable drainage contractor who can efficiently get to the bottom of the issue and resolve. 

Cracks In The Pipes

This problem is much more likely in properties where the drainage systems have aged, so primarily older properties. Cracks or fractures in the pipes occur when they have experienced excessive wear and tear through an extended period of time. Most of the time, cracks and fractures are found near the pipe joints, however, it is not uncommon to see them occur further down the pipeline. Cracks and fractures are problematic as they can allow wastewater to leak into surrounding areas, which could damage electrical mains and weaken the ground structure.

If you suspect that your drainage system has a crack or fracture, then it is of paramount importance that you contact a drainage contractor. The most efficient way to identify a crack or fracture is to use CCTV drain surveys, which can identify the exact location. Once the location of the crack is sourced, it can then be resolved with ease. Without being a drain professional, it is likely that you will not be able to repair or replace drainage systems due to a crack or fracture, which is why you should always get in touch with a contractor to prevent the issue from becoming worse than what it already is.

Collapsed Pipework

Collapsed pipework is one of the most severe drainage emergencies. This will lead to wastewater not leaving the property, and instead seeping out to the surrounding areas. Wastewater seeping out to surrounding areas can easily lead to surfaces becomes uneven an unsafe, electrical systems becoming damaged, walls becoming damp and growing mould, and could potentially even lead to a growing sinkhole. Water being collected can also attract pests to your property such as flies and rodents.

 If you suspect that pipework in your property has collapsed, then it is best practice to get in contact with a drainage contractor so that the issue can be resolved immediately. Like with fractures and cracks, CCTV drain surveys will need to take place so that the source can be located. Once the source is located, the drain will be repaired with drain excavation or with resin lining. 

Root Intrusions

Occasionally, tree and plant roots can burrow deep into the ground until they hit drainage pipework. Plant roots are consistently searching for sources of water, nutrients, and oxygen, which sewer systems and drains contain plenty of. If a plant or tree root finds a drain, they will penetrate through any entry that they can get through to get inside. Usually, plant roots travel through the joints of the pipework, but they sometimes can be powerful enough to puncture the pipe maternal and create a hole within the pipework, which can be highly problematic and cause leakages. As previously mentioned, leakages can easily lead to severe damage to grounds surrounding your property. 

Any piercings to the drainage at your property will need to be efficiently identified by a professional drainage contractor using CCTV drain surveys. If you believe that your drainage in your property may have been intruded by plant or tree roots, then get in touch with a professional drainage contractor in your area.

Drain Unblocking Bristol

Total Drainage Services fully understands the severe disruption that any drainage emergencies can cause at any time, which is why we are still operating all of our services with the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, in a safe manner that keeps people in your property safe. If your domestic or commercial property in Bristol has a blocked drain or is experiencing any other drainage issue, then it is best practice to get in touch with Total Drainage Services for drain unblocking in Bristol, or other services such as CCTV Surveys.

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