effective chewing gum and graffiti removal 
in bristol, the west midlands & wales

Whether through vandalism or simply the carelessness of the public, your property can easily become covered in gum and graffiti. These unsightly blemishes can be quickly removed with our high-pressure jet washing service. We recommend that you include this service in your pre-planned maintenance schedule to keep your home or business looking its best.

Unstick stubborn chewing gum

Almost everyone knows the annoyance of stepping or sitting in someone’s discarded gum, ruining clothes and good moods alike. In fact, old chewing gum stuck to buildings and walkways is an ever-present problem in public spaces. Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd is proud to do our part in keeping our community beautiful by offering fast, effective hydro jetting services that remove gum stuck stubbornly to benches, pavements, walls, windows, wood, concrete, brick, metal or plastic surfaces of every kind.

Non-toxic graffiti removal

While some graffiti can be considered art, the vast majority litters public and private spaces alike, detracting from the overall beauty of a community while discouraging tourism and harming property values. Total Drainage Services (SW) Ltd combines the use of biodegradable, pH-neutral cleaning chemicals with high-pressure jetting for highly effective yet eco-friendly graffiti removal solutions. We train our workmen to operate in high-access and confined spaces, while keeping in mind all the best practices for working safely in public.
We operate across the West Midlands, South East, Wales and the South West.
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Graffiti removed within 24 hours has only a 10% chance of reappearing. 
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